Poems by Andrea, Age 7
Andrea does not have MHE, but her big sister, Nicole, does....
While I See My Sister Go
It's hard to see my sister go
Especially when you're all alone.
Is there a place
Where I can be free
And so can she?
Where she can feel like everyone else...
So she can be free,
Like me.

It makes kids cry!
It makes kids miserable!
It makes you suffer.
It makes an extra supply of bones.
It makes kids upset, upset upset!

Will MHE go?
Will it land in a pile of snow?
Maybe it won't happen, but you can pretend...
You can imagine about it.
Imagine as much as you can
to forget about it....
Tell Me Again

Tell me again why the birds don't fly
Tell me again why they cry
Because they see sick kids and grown-ups in a hospital bed
Tell me again. Tell me why.
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