Avery's Story
Hi!  My name is Avery and I have MHE.  Let me tell you about me.  I am seven years old and I am in the first grade this year. I don't have have any brothers or sisters but, I do have three dogs, a cat, and a fish.  The things that I enjoy to do are riding my bike and playing outside.

My summer vacation was different then most kids my age.  I had my first MHE surgery on May 15 at Shriner's Hospital.  I had ulna lengthening and the doctor also taken some bumps off my wrist.  My mom said now I will be able to move my wrist better.  My hospital stay was scary at first but the nurses help me find my way around.  There is a big play room that I could run around or play board games,  anything that I wanted to do.  I even made a T-Shirt and painted cars that I could take home.  My roommate was the same age as me and we enjoyed the same things too.  On the day of the surgery I was not able to eat or drink.  The doctor and nurses said that I will be asleep for the whole thing and I would not feel a thing.  They were right. I did not feel a thing and when I woke up my mom was right beside me.   The hospital is not a scary place.  The doctor put a cast on for two months and then I had a splint for a month. That was alot better because you can get it wet.  I was able to ride my bike for a little bit until I fell off the teeter-totter at daycare and broke the same arm and -- you guessed it, I was back into the cast for another two months!

As for now I have no cast and I now know that I can break my arm.  Well this is my story. 
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Here is a picture of me in
Here is a picture
of me in
First Grade
Here is a picture of me on a horse.  I have lots of fun riding horses.
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