MHE and Me
Hi!  My name is Blake.
I'm 9 years old and I live in South Dakota.

I like Pokemon, riding my dirt bike, swimming, and playing Gameboys.

I love to eat shells and cheese.  I like music and Yu-Gi-old! cards.

I'd like some penpals! You can email me at
Me and  my mom, stepdad Dale, Somer, Maisie, Ellsie, Grace and Brandon
At Mt. Rushmore...  Dale, Somer, me, Grace, Mom, Trina, Ellsie & Maisie my pumpkin
My dad, stepmom Michelle,, Jordan, Madison and Owen
Me and Grace, Maisie, Somer, Ellsie, Brandon, Mom and her dad, Bob, and his wife, Barbara...
This is a Pokemon
Bird I drew...