MHE and Me
Breanna Rose
Hi!  My name is Breanna.  My middle name is Rose. Chloe is my twin sister.  I have a great talent for drawing.  I love to draw roses most of all.   I am looking forward to drawing at least one page of the Bumpy Bone Book.  I would like to draw a page of a person getting surgery.     I have had surgery on two places.  One on my right wrist, and the other on my leg, on the left ankle.  I was in a wheelchair and two casts for two weeks. It seemed like forever!!! I absolutely despised it.  But now that's over, I am hoping to get another surgery on my right shoulder (well, actually under it, but only it's more close to my elbow (not on it, but close to it). I am not afraid to get surgery. I want it done, and I want it done now!  Have you had surgery?

Breanna's Poem