Hi!  My name is Brooks and I have MHE on my back, my left arm, my right arm, my shoulder, my knees and that's all.

My dad is the only one who does not have MHE in my family.  I love to play baseball and play video games. I have a dog named Captain and a sister named Lucy, and I have a gerbil that I got when I got my Black Belt and his name is Speedy.  He is dirty blonde.

I don't like having MHE.  I can't sit with my knees crossed and I can't get off the floor fast.

I love to write.  I got diagnosed with MHE when I was about three years old. I am 10 now.  I am not fast at running at all.  This is because I have bones under my knee, mostly my right knee. It hurts a lot when I run and when I get up from my chair after a long period of time, I limp. In school, my back hurts me.

I just had my first surgery on one of my bones in my right arm. It didn't hurt nearly as bad as I expected.

I hope to hear from you soon.  You can email me at


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