MHE and Me
Chloe's Story
Hello!  I'm Chloe.  I have Multiple Hereditary Exostoses, but it's easier to call it MHE.  I don't like the tumors because of the pain I get.

I also have a twin sister called Breanna. I was born in 1997 and now I'm nine years old.  I go to dance.  I go to vspa.  It is very nice there.

I was afraid that mine was the only family who has MHE, but we're not!  I am happy I get to talk to all of you. I never had a friend that had a bone tumor disease.

I asked the Bumpy Bone Club to write a book about tumors for kids. They thought that was a great idea, and they're going to ask me and all of you to help write it!  I'm reallly excited about that!

I'd really like to have some penpals. You can email me at


Chloe's Poem
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