An Open Letter to the Members of the
Bumpy Bone Club

Hello!  I am a friend of Nicole's family and I just finished visiting this website.  I read all of your stories and poetry, and I think you are all TALENTED!  Writing is a way to share your feelings - and it's one of those things that turns out to be a DOUBLE BONUS!   While you are helping other kids with MHE, at the same time I'm sure you feel better too.  I'll tell you something else - some very great writers and poets and scientists and musicians were afflicted with childhood diseases that they sometimes outgrew, but it left them with something good! They had a certain sensitivity and feeling for other people's problems that helped them to be VERY creative adults. And that's what I think the future holds for you - the ability to lead a wonderful life. It's a funny thing how stuff like fear and pain and being different can turn us into somebody totally outstanding! You might not think it's true - but keep this idea in a secret place in your mind - "I know about things other kids don't know about, and it will make me a special person".

                                        Diane M.

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