MHE and Me

Eitan's Story
Hi, I'm Eitan Alroy.

I live in Israel and in October 2009 I had my Bar Mitzvah, a ceremony in which a 13-year-old Jewish boy is considered an adult and responsible for his moral and religious duties.

I have MHE, just like my father and my annoying sister.  I have "bumpy bones" in my arms, legs, and fingers. It is more difficult for me to run, but it doesn't affect me socially or with my friends.

I was so happy to receive the package from the Bumpy Bone Club and I wanted to contribute part of the money I received for my Bar Mitzvah to making these packages for other kids and hopefully they will be as happy as I was.  I especially like the yellow star.

Thank you, Susan, and everyone who contributes to making the magazine. I read it and it make me happy.


You can email me at:
Page added November 17, 2009