Emily's Story
MHE and Me
Hey.  I'm Emily Moses, and I am 13 years old. I am in the 7th grade. I have read some very tragic stories, but mine is not too bad. I was diagnosed with MHE when I was 5 years old. Then I had surgery on my right leg when I was in Kindergarten. It left a scar but itís not too bad. Then a few years later I went back to my doctor and he took x-rays of my leg. The tumor was back, and there were more tumors, too. But, the scary thing was that tumors are NOT supposed to grow back (or at least that is what my doctor said) unless they are cancer. So the doctor sent me to get a MRI on my leg. Luckily it didnít show any sign of cancer. I praise God for that.

I went back to the doctor after I had been experiencing pain when I was going into sixth grade. The doctor recommended surgery. So in October I had a second surgery on my right leg, but this time it was a different tumor. It was on my femur bone and the doctors had to take off half of my femur. The bad thing was I couldnít dance or cheer. It was like my life was ruined!!!    I could finally dance again in March. I had to go through HARD physical therapy. But to me all the doctors and people that work with me are heroes.

Just recently my hand has been swelling up really bad, and it has been hurting awfully. I had x-rays on my shoulder and hand, and sure enough there was a tumor on my right shoulder. But I try not to complain or tell anyone when Iím in pain.  I want to live life like Iím dying, and if I was dying I would not complain much about pain. I would be having the most fun of my life instead. And THAT IS WHAT I'M DOING. I am cheering and hanging out with friends and family a lot. I love my friends. They are always there for me. I donít think Iím going to die anytime soon.. but you never know!

I want everyone to know that we are all heroes to some one. So I want to challenge you all to not worry about your problems. Life is short and live it with good memories. We all get bumps and bruises and I know it is hard for us to deal with our MHE, but we can do it! So I challenge you to live like you are dying! You never know what life will bring your way!   Feel free to email me at
udorkme@yahoo.com and you can add me to msn or yahoo messenger.
Note:  MHE Tumors (Exostoses or Osteochondromas) can grow back after they have been removed, especially if the doctor was not able to take out all of the tumor, so don't get scared if that happens to you!  Always talk to your family and your doctor if you're worried.