Hi, My name is Emmon. I am 16 years old and have the condition Multiple Hereditary Exostoses. I am in the 10th grade. Hereís a little bit about my educational past. I started kindergarten when I was 5. I didnít have many friends when I started school. The kids just did not like me. When I was in 4th grade, I just about thought that violence was the only way that I could get the kids to stop teasing me (it didnít work). My parents approached my teacher about my future in Elementary school. After I finished 4th grade, my parents finally sent me to a private school, St. Maryís, where they had a little bit more control. There my life took a turn. Almost no one teased me. There were some kids though that teased me everyday. But slowly they stopped, and my use of violence stopped to. Sixth grade was the hardest for me. We did not have co-ed gym classes. The boys had their own gym class and so did the girls. So the boys would tease me about not being able to keep up with them, but I ignored them half of the time. I had to repeat the 6th grade because my studies werenít doing so good. But the new 6th grade class didnít tease me about my condition, and I made some friends. In the last year of 8th grade a girl just really put me down, we were getting ready for our graduation, since St. Maryís only went up to 8th grade, and I couldnít help much with the programs but type them because my wrist would just start hurting. I forgot what lead up to this but she said out loud that I was doing less work then everyone else because I didnít want to do the work. I managed to keep my temper under control, and went to the principal and told her what happened, and the girl got into a lot of trouble. After I graduated I found out that I had to go to High School, when all of the kids that use to torment me were. On my first day I was scared but it turned out that the other kids just left me alone. In fact I made a really good friend on the first day of going to High school. Since then there still are some kids who still tease me but I just ignore them.
So far I have had 10 operations. Every operation, and tumor affects me in someway. The tumors in my wrist are making my hand fall off the joint, so whenever I have a long writing assignment, usually more that 1 paragraph I have to use a computer to write it out. I have to carry a laptop around school with me and I hate it because other kids ask me why I need it all of the time. The tumors in my legs keep me from doing some gym activities. I never wear shorts because of the tumors on my legs. Whenever I wear shorts other kids just ask me what happened to my legs and they stare big time. I have scars from every operation but other kids donít usually ask about those. Operations are always scary. I have had 10 operations, and I will never get use them. I use to get very sick after I had an operation, but now I donít because I get spinals, for my leg operations, and blocks for my arm operations.
If you want some advise on how to handle a bully at school, or if you just want to talk to someone who will listen, just feel free to e-mail me.  Just e-mail about anything that you want to talk about. There is also a chat for kids and teens that have MHE every Friday night at 8:00 pm eastern time. The address is http://www.angelfire.com/il/Dukett/chat.html.
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Tai Chi Chuan - http://members.tripod.com/~zenist/taichi.html
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