Hi! I'm an Angel
When it comes to MHE I take the pain like really good. But my real name is Frances. I am strong when it comes to pain, like this...
I have one sister named Cayla and one brother named John. They both don't have the MHE disease, none of my family have it.    I had 3 surgeries in one year.

Last year, around Valentine's Day, I went to Shriner's Hospital in Chicago.  I had my right knee operated on. The Shriner's people are very nice. Now, I am going to have a surgery at St. Annes in Toledo, Ohio. I am due for the surgery on April 28. I am going to have some big tumors taken off my left knee.  Last year's surgery I had a dream that my parents were marshmallows!  I have also been to the Toledo Hospital for two surgeries. When my mom was laid off of work, I had to go to the Shriner's Hospital, because we had no insurance. Now that she is back to work, her company changed insurance, and so I have to go to St. Anne's hospital. My mom is going to take me on a tour of it next week. I do not know whether I have to get the mask, or an IV. At the Shriner's Hospital they numbed my arm with cream before they put in the IV. If you have any suggestions, please email me!

Frances, Age 10 (almost 11)

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