Poems by Frances, Age 10

Hospital Days...oh, Hospital Days...
What scary days...
sleepy days, or sick days...
painful days, living through and through...
oh remember this, and get well soon
Thank all of the Doctors and Nurses,
because you will feel better soon.
Sick in my bed
Understanding my doctors
Resting after surgery
Getting better and getting presents from my Mom, Dad, Fans, family, Doctors, and Nurses, and the good people from the We Care MHE Kids Club
Everyone helps me
Reading a book when I'm bored
Yummy hospital food
Me, and my friends
Helping people with MHE understand what they're going through
Everyone cares
Family and
I love the Bumpy Bones Kids Club
Not many people have this disease
Deciding whether to get the IV or the mask
Surgery time
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