My name is Ian, and I'm Mikey's dad.  I live in Edinburgh, the Capitol of Scotland.  When I went to primary school, we had to wear short trousers.  This is when the other kids noticed that something was different about me. I looked different from them, with knobbly bumps and lumps on my legs.  Some of the kids called me porridge, because of the lumps! That name stuck for a long time, all the way through secondary school.  The kids also used to sing a song at me which I used to hate.  The song was called "Bony was a Warrior" and thanks to my music teacher it was the bane of my school days! The kids also called me tree trunk legs.  These are things I learned to put up with.  You will probably get similiar. Don't worry, be happy, and think to yourself: "There goes a fool who doesn't know any better!".

I remember when I was about 5 or 6 I had to go into the hospital. It was a bit scary. It was different then it is now. I can recall the nurses coming in with stiff collars and silly hats. The matron, she ruled the ward. I had my hospital gown on and the nurse tried to give me a pre-surgery medication, a thick green liquid. I knocked this out of her hand, jumped out of bed, crawled under it, and made my way under each bed of the ward, making my break for freedom and running out the ward!  The nurses and the matron were shouting, "Catch him, catch him!" and the other kids in the ward were shouting, "Run, Ian, run!"  I tried my best, but was caught at the front door by security! I was escorted back to the ward...but can you imagine what I was going to do if I actually got out of the hospital with my silly hat on and my hospital gown tied at the back with my rear end showing for the entire world to see????

Another time I was in hospital getting those bumps removed. A young doctor asked if he could use me as a case study as he was interested in multiple exostosis. Do you know how they ask all the questions? He started with, "Do you know who I am?"  I shouted to a nurse, "This young doctor does not know who he is!".

I'm all grown up now, but I still have a lot of fun.  We treat this condition as an unnecessary annoyance and we get on wi life. I work as an EMT in the Scottish Ambulance Service, and I've done that for the past 18 years. I was a motor mechanic before that. My hobbies are scuba diving, my motorbike, and my bike club.   As Mikey mentioned in his story, my wife, Tracie, helps run a dog rescue. Along with several other members, including the Dutchess of Hamilton, the Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier rescue is a charity where we fundraise for vet fees, and we travel all over Scotland to rescue dogs that have been mistreated, unwanted, or have been used for the barbaric sport of dog fighting.  Tracie is a great mother to Mikey, and a supportive wife to me, and thanks to her work, we have another important member of our family: Buster, our rescued staffie dog!

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