MHE and Me
Jack's Story
Kia Ora (Hello in Maori)

My name is Jack and I am 14 years old. I live in New Zealand with my brother and mum.  We all have MHE and have had lots of surgeries.   Last year I had three surgeries, one on the base of my neck, another on my knees and then the last one on my ankles, which now have plates to help straighten them and may be removed early next year.

This is the first basketball season that I have been able to play all the games with no surgery or bad injuries. I play for my school, Mahurangi College, and though my bones hurt, I love playing ball all the time, especially with my brother.

My other hobby is pig hunting. I walk for miles in any weather in the native bush with my dad and pig hunting dogs, and we track wild pigs. It can be dangerous chasing a huge wild boar through the bush, but it is so exciting. I have won four trophies for the heaviest boar in Northland. This is a photo of me with my dog Harry and a wild pig I caught last year. It weighed 95 pounds and we took it to the butcher where he processed it into pork chops, roasts and sausages. After hunting I am really sore, so I have a hot bath, medicine, rest... and then do it all again the next day!

Kia Kaha (Stand strong)


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