My name is Jessi. I am 14 years old.  In April of 1999 I underwent surgery to decrease the pain. But within 24 hours I found out that I had a major blood clot. So I had to have another surgery. Then I found out I had 5 viruses in my leg. So I had to have 5 more surgeries. During this time I lost half my calf, and my walking. During these surgeries I lost all but one of my friends. This one stood by me throughout everything. I thank her for that because I needed my friends and family the most. But this taught me something I will never forget...
Here is a paper I wrote about MHE
Here is a poem I wrote about having MHE

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It taught me to treasure my life no matter what happens, that your family will always be there for you and it taught me that some friends are really not your friends after all. But it also taught me to rely on no one but your family and most of all on yourself. What I say if you find a friend that won't leave you when you need them the most, then that is a true friend. Having MHE changes my whole life because I can't do what everyone else can do. I used to hate having MHE but now I have realized it is just a part of life and life is just not perfect for anyone. I am still not 100% happy having it, but I learned to deal with it. MHE showed me who my real friends are, and that my family will always be there for me. But it also changed who I was. It made me a better person because I learned to fight for what I think is right. It made me think about my life.