Jessica's Poems
Page Updated February 8, 2005
Look me in the eyes,
tell me if what you see
has anything to do
with my MHE.

Do you know who I am?
Do you know who I'll be,
If you keep laughing,
and making fun of me?

You call me gimpy,
You laugh and stare.
You think I can't hear you.
But I am aware.

I know why you mock me,
And I don't blame you.
You honestly have no idea,
What I go through.
They say
They always make fun,
They tease and laugh,
on how you run.

They tease because they don't understand,
and they don't want to, they won't,
They just can't see.

They just cannot see,
They just don't understand,
on how hard it is to be me.

They call you names,
They won't let you join
in any afterschool games.
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