Jodie's Story
Hi everyone, my name is Jodie and I am 17 years old. I come from the land of the Scots, 'that is Scotland,' in a place called Perth where I was born and brought up. I have two younger brothers, Stephen who is 13 and Mac who is 16. I live with my Mum, Tracy. I think she is the best Mum in the world and I have nominated her for the Mum of the year award 2009, so we shall wait to hear if she has been accepted. My Dad has never been around for me and my brothers, instead we got a real cool step-dad -Tommy- who is a meanie traffic warden and football referee. I have a really good, supportive and loving family that I love to bits and would do pretty much anything for. I have changed my name back to my mother's maiden name so those that know me as Jodie Bell, it has now changed to Jodie McNab 'which is awsome'.

Just now i attend -Perth Academy Secondary School- and i am now a senior 6th year, which is actually my last year in school. 'I must be getting old'. Last year i spent most of my schooling in -Dudhope House School- in a city called Dundee 'a near by city' which had just 6 students in it. I'm also studying a course with -Dundee College- and all together I am doing 3 different classes. 1. English. 2. Italian. 3.Bahavoural Science.

My dream job would be to help Young People that have struggles in their life such as an Advocate, Social Services, Nurse, Councilor or a Youth worker.

MHE and me kind of mix, we have grown up to get to know one another. MHE isn't me it is just a thing that i have. Within the past couple of years especially i have learned lots of ways in which to deal with MHE using alternative therapies along with pain medications to help along the way. I have learnt that MHE can also effect me emotionally and with help from professionals I have been able to find alternative coping strategies. I have undergone many invasive surgereries, some that went disasterously wrong and another that left me unable to write 'made me illiterate'. MHE was like a black dog, it had attacked me and it felt like it was gradually taking my life. I used to think that i was ugly, that MHE made me un-normal, that it took some of my precious ability/mobility. My head kept telling me that i was ugly and that I wasn't worth living for because I had these extra lumps and I was classed as a 'Special Needs kid'. MHE had become the devil within me, kept slagging me off for the way I was. I started believing what I was being told in my head so i went out and done things that other teenagers wouldn't do or even dream about doing. It wasn't the worst thing in my head at the time, instead MHE was the icing on the cake. One year ago i was on the path to self destruction and MHE didn't help. I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder ' you know that thing that the soilders caught in the gulf war'. yet again MHE didn't help. many thought that my trauma was caused by surgery going wrong and things happening was because of me loosing the abilty to write etc. MHE was part of my trauma but it wasn't the full story. MHE helped me in ways I would never have imagined, the condition helped me in my childhood. You could say that it actually saved my life!! So yeah sometimes i hate having MHE and others times i don't mind, sometimes the condition attacks me really bad one day and another it isnt that bad. Somedays i can't mentally and physically get out my bed and other days I can jump out of it no bother and sometimes it makes me confused and angry and other times it makes me happy and thankful. MHE doesn't own me, I own it!

So what do I do to come back Me and MHE. I have things in place that help me in every day life.

I have 2 laptops, 1 for home and 1 for School. On the laptops I use predictive text and voice recognition software, this helps with every day life.

I find shortcuts; for instance instead of climbing the stairs i find a lift, instead of walking miles i have a bus pass. I get a taxi that takes me from home to school and back again. I use a school locker instead of carrying a back-pack.

I use specially adapted seating and technology devices such as special pens and pencils.

I use pain medications and alternative therapy such as-: Heat packs, Tens machines, acupunture, masssaging devices, different types of pillow sprays and oils to use at night time to improve sleep. special sleep provoking teas and other sleep remedies. I use some kind of splints to reduce mobility pain and I use an elastic band on my right wrist. Heat rubbing agents help a bit. I have also used the Pain gone pen, which is like really good.

I keep an up to date diary of pain control.

The most helpful therapy i have found for MHE is alot of Heat and Good sleeping patterns.

I hope I helped in some way. Anyone can contact me on my email so that we could be pen-pals or you know just what ever =D! or