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Page Revised December 1, 2006
The Bumpy Bone Club Survival Guide: Tools for Kids to use with their families, doctors and schools
The Bumpy Bone Survival Guide - PDF
The Bumpy Bone Survival Guide Spanish Translation - PDF
You may want to print additional copies of these pages...

The Bumpy Bone Tracker
Kris Davidson in California shared this idea with us a few years ago. It has now been upated.

The Bumpy Bone Pain Tracker: Sarah Ziegler came up with this great idea as a way to help her son communicate his pain.

Pain Tracker for Little Kids Since so many kids with MHE-related pain are too young to use the Pain Tracker effectively, we came up with version just for little kids!

Pain Diary
The Pain Diary can be used for kids of all ages, and for adults, too.

Print out these pages, keep them in a looseleaf notebook.  They are good tools for keeping track of your child's condition and for communicating with your child's doctor

There are some excellent
pediatric pain links on the site! Be sure to check them out.
MHE Surgery - Some helpful tips and advice from families who have been through it (Reprinted from The MHE Coalition Newsletter No. 10, June 1, 2002)
MHE KIDS & SCHOOL:  Tools to help you explain MHE and the challenges you  face to teachers, and to help you get the modifications or accommodations you might need...
The MHE and Me Handbook - A Guide for Family, Friends, Teachers, and Classmates
The MHE and Me Handbook is available in a Spanish Translation...
La Osteocondromatosis Múltiple Congénita; guía para familiares, amigos, maestros y compañeros de clase.
and an Italian Translation...
Manuale: MHE E Me - Una guida per famiglia, amici, Insegnanti e compagni di scuola
We are pleased to announce that the Handbook is available in Japanese and
German through those support groups

MHE Kids School Needs Checklist

Issues to Address with your Child's Teacher and Other School Staf

Common School Concerns for Students with