Poems by Mandy
I do not understand
why people hate people
for reasons that can't be helped,
and judge in an instant,
a knowledge that should take years,
to ignore what's on the outside,
and focus on the inside,
to forget about the clothes, the style, the skin,
and see the person within,
and to know the truth of life,
no two people are alike.
Leave no chance untaken, Leave no wonder unseen,
Leave no space unexplored, Leave no path unwandered,
Leave no question unasked, Leave no thought unconsidered,
Spare not a moment, waste not a second.
Enjoy every day, every hour, every minute,
Make it count, Make it breathe,
Make it live, Make it last.

Rest when you need to, walk when you can,
Run when you must, and stop only at the end.
It's all up to you.

Which method will youuse?
Which paths will you wander, what chances will you take,
Which questions will you ask, and what wonders will you see?

Your destiny lies in your own hands.

Be your own Hero.

Mandy's Story