Hey, My name is Mikey and I am 13 years old. I have blonde medium length styled hair. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I have had MHE all my life but it doesnít stop me from playing sports. I have had 38 bones removed, which I cannot really remember where. The worse experience or best was before an operation I have had to have medicine that made me all giggly and I didnít remember anything. They gave me this disgusting juice and then I felt dizzy so I lay back and relaxed. I woke up in recovery and that was my operation done. I could not believe it.

I like to hang around with my mates and playing street soccer with them. I used to play Soccer for two teams, 1 for my school and another for a different team called Currie Star. But sadly I had to give it up because on the second last game of the season I had a knee injury, because I was running up right wing the goalkeeper came out of his box and kicked me in the knee joint. Sadly I pulled the ligaments, muscles and stretched my tendons.

My best friend is Brian Miller; I have known him since like forever. He has always been there for me when I am feeling down in the dumps at home. Lets not forget my parents that I love very much; they have always been for me when I am in hospital and at home. I am in s2 at Currie Community High School. I have lots of friends but my closest friends are Bri Bri, Anzo, Steve, Marko, Benji, Jay and Livi. Obviously they are there nicknames, like mine is Meeko.

My Mum is part of a dog rescue called the Scottish Staffordshire Bull Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue Ė SSBTR for short. It works with dogs that have been beaten up or just circumstances have changed and the owner canít look after the dog anymore. We have a dog called Bandit he is jet black with white paws and a big fat white belly.

My Dad is a member of the Minehoff M.C.C. I am also a youth member. The club do a lot of things to raise money for a lot of charities. Me, My Mum and Dad go to a lot rallyís with them and we basically camp out in a field and have a good time in the day. It is honestly absolutely brilliant!

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