MHE and Me
Hi, my name is Monica.  I live in Memphis, TN with my mom, my dad and my 5-year-old brother, Alex (he is so hyper!).  My dad and I both have MHE.

Three weeks ago I had my second surgery. A tumor was removed from my right arm and an external fixator was inserted. We have to turn a piece on the fixator four time a day with a small tool to lengthen the bone.  Sometimes it
really hurts.  Two years ago I had the same surgery on the left arm. It helps to know what to expect, but I'll be glad when this is over. Although, with all of my bumpy bones I know I'll have many more surgeries in the future.

Even though I have MHE, I am just a regular kid; I have a fun and active life. I enjoy taking care of animals, going camping, going to the beach, making pottery, spending time with my friends, and visiting my family in California.

I have so many pets at home. I have two dogs, Zues and Bear, two cats, Zoe and Clover, a rabbit, two tadpoles, and three hermit crabs. I would like to get a bird because I am very good wtih birds, but Mom says, "No, we have too many animals!"

I am glad my mom found this support group. I don't know any other kids who have MHE. In fact my dad is the only other person that I know who has it. It made me feel better to read the letters from kids in "The Bumpy Bone Club," because I didn't think anyone else felt the same as me. It was great to hear that there are other people like me. I hope my letter makes people feel better, too!
Monica would love to hear from other kids with MHE!  You can write to Monica
care of Please put "Email for Monica" in the subject line.