Story of Anonymous
Nicole, 16, wrote this poem based on her experiences for an English Honors Assignment. 
This is a poem about a girl the same age as all of you
She canít do everything you can do
This is her life, her story
It is not one of battles one of glory
She was born a lovely baby girl
Ten fingers ten toes
Really big cheeks, little nose
Her time of averageness was rather short in age
For 365 days after birth her life would change
She was found to be diseased, handicapped, ďspecialĒ
A slave to her genes
This would not kill her, only change her
It would never go away only strengthen
She looked so normal
From the eye one could not tell
That this child was different, well they did notice her slight inabilities here and there but all in all they did not care
She looked like any other kindergartner, no front teeth and all
But she was always one of the slowest ones in the hall.
People thought of her as not athletic in school
Because in gym she could not do things as others could do.
She knew of everything although she did not know why
Sometimes she would sit in her room at night and cry
She had said she was a star in the sky
She said she was as slow as time passing by
At the tender age of ten her disease has caused a deformity that could not be left alone
She went under the knife had staples in her leg and removal of some bone
She went to sleep praying all would be okay
Yet she awoke in agony, something was astray
Her leg could not move, something was wrong
In blinding agony for so long
It was damage to a nerve it would cause much pain
A ten year old girl
In mind splitting agony
An unimaginable burn
Like billions of knives stabbing and taking their sweet time to do so
Human touch felt like acid to her skin
She thought she would be walking in one week, two weeks
By that time she could barely get out of bed
She went to school in a chair with wheels
People thought she was lucky because she didnít have to walk around school
She envied those very people
They could walk
They could run
They were normal
She hated people who complained of paper cuts, for she had endured so much more
No one knew she had another operation in store
For you see her nerves were entwined in her legs
So several months later she would go through it all again
Part of the bone in her leg was gone
Her recovery was beyond hard and long
She would still have three more surgeries before age thirteen
While others were having braces removed she would have staples removed from her knee
Yet she smiles
She feared no operation
She has been through so much what can one more operation do
She made everyone who knew her smile
Elderly people who took physical therapy with her, she made their time worthwhile
She stayed strong when she was weak
She stood her ground when pain was at its peak
She was just a girl that because of her disability was confined to a chair
But where is she now?
I will tell you
She is in your school
She could be in your class
She may sit near you at lunch
I will not tell you
Find out for yourself
You may know her
You may not
She could be anyone
She could be someone
She is this poem
It doesnít rhyme everywhere it should
But it still is a poem, it still is good
This was the story of a girl the same age as you
Be so very thankful of everything you can do

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