Pamela's Story        MHE and Me

Hi.  My name is Pamela.  I am 8 years old and I have had MHE for my whole life.  My dad has it too, but it doesn't really bother him.

I have never had any operations or surgeries before.  My doctor says that I might have to have surgery if it gets worse. I have it on the insides of my knees and on my ankles, also on my back bones and my wrists. I really don't want to go into operation because my friend, Alyson, had it done before and she says the worst part is the IV.  It is like getting your blood drawn, kind of, and that scared me. When I get my blood drawn, I scream!

My dad has it on his knee and it hurts when he works. Sometimes at my school my hip starts to hurt and I have to go to the office. And I limp really bad back to class.

I am a great piano player.  I play at churches around my neighborhood. I have my very own piano at home!  I am in a program called "Tessera" and it is where gifted children go to learn more about things.

Whenever I play rough in the morning, at night my MHE hurts real bad. Me and my dad are the only ones in the family that have MHE. I feel really sorry for myself and for my dad. And I am the only one in my class with MHE.  I also have a really bad nut allergy, but I have a friend at the same school with a nut allergy, too!

I live in Spokane, Washington and it is really cold in the winter. The warmest weather was 105 degrees fahrenheit!

I am a dog lover and I have two dogs, Maisy and Lucy. Maisy is a Welsh Corgie-Rat Terrier Mix and Lucy is just a Rat Terrier. My other friend, Lauren, also has a dog named Cleo. She is a German Shepherd.

I also have a big family. I have my mom, Elizabeth, and my dad, David, and my two sisters, Destiny and Megan. I also have four nieces, Kloey, Alexis, Emma and Madison, and my grandmas and grandpas, Pamela (which I was named after), Glenn, Wally (who died in 2006) and Fati, and Uncles Larry, Bill and Sam, also Aunts Rita and Birdie. (But I have more.)

I am in piana lessons called "Candee's Piano Lessons" and I am already in the grown up books!  My favorite color is green and it is the color of lots of different kinds of nature.  I am also a very good chess player and I have only been in one tournament.

Well, I must go friends and I hope everyone gets better. You can email me at  Just put "For Pamela" in the subject line and Susan will send your email to me.

Thanx for listening! 

Pamela's story was added on December 21, 2008