A Poem for Nicole
Nicole's younger sister Andrea thought it would be a good idea if their grandparents wrote a poem about Nicole and MHE, so here it is....
Look in the mirror and what do you see?
A Beautiful girl with a capital B,
A girl with so much on the ball...
Talent, brains, you've got it all!
(You've even got a little more...
you qualify for 504.)
You've learned to smile and take your lumps
because of all those doggone bumps.
You've learned to walk, you've learned to cope,
You've learned to live with grace and hope.
Like all your friends, you just have fun
though you can't do the things they've done.
They run up hills, you walk up slow.
They tie their shoes, you use velcro.
They climb your trees, swing on a limb
and you are thrilled to NOT take gym!
Nicole, you're just like all the rest.
Whatever you do, you do the best.
You love computers, love to write,
Love to read into the night.
Love to sketch some gorgeous pix
and teach your sister all your tricks.
You're just like any other kid.
Just haven't done the things they did.
Look in the mirror - what do you see?
A girl who's conquering MHE.
We love you!
Grammy & Grumpy