MHE and Me

Rachel's Story
Hi.  My name is Rachel, but you can call me Rach if you want.  I love my life, even though I have MHE. I have had MHE my whole life.

I love music, chocolate, and my friends.
I hate bees, clowns, and liars.

I have had only two surgeries, but I had more than one thing done.
My first surgery was when I was 6. It's a funny story. My friend stepped on my pinky and broke a tumor off, so I had to have surgery to have it taken out. My knuckle on my pinky is destroyed.  Then recently I have had a surgery. I had 6 tumors taken out, 2 on my arm and 4 on my knee. They also screwed plates and screws in my growth plates to straighten my legs out. So currently I am out of school.

I love meeting new people.  I deal with MHE the best I can, but sometimes it is hard. I would LOVE to hear from you so please email me at

Rachel =]