Renee's Story
MHE and Me
Hey there,

My name is Renee.  Well actually its Daryl but I like my middle name Renee better.  I have MHE.  I found out just before Christmas when I   was in grade six...  I am going into grade 8 in September.

I really   hate having MHE.  First off lots of times my knees hurt so bad I can   barely get up and down are stairs.  Mostly I hate it because none of my   friends have it so no one really understands.

I will have surgery on   July 12th at BC Children's Hospital.  Dr. Alvarez is really nice.

In October I was hit by a truck and it scared my mom half to death.  It was   pretty bad, but I'm doing much better.  My mom made me a blog.  You   can read it at I hope you will read it   and send me a message on there.  I'm gonna be on the couch for a long   time after my surgery.  I will write more later.

It will be kewl to   meet other people with MHE.