School Needs Checklist

You and your child can work together on this checklist or, depending on his or her age, your child may be able to answer questions alone. It can give your child's teacher a good idea of your child's strengths and weaknesses.
A = always, S = sometimes, N = never, NA = does not apply to me

Getting Ready for School
___ I can get out of bed without any help and without holding on to anything.
___It takes me less than 30 minutes to feel good after I get up in the morning.
___I must take a bath or shower to loosen up in the morning.
___I can go up and down the stairs when I first get out of bed.
___I can fully dress myself and put my shoes and socks on quickly in the morning.
___I have a lot of pain in the morning before I go to school.
___I need to bring splints, crutches, a walker, cane, or wheelchair to school to help me during the day.
___I go to school later in the day than the other kids because of my MHE.
___I take pain medication before I go to school.

Getting to School
___I can walk to school or the school bus stop without any difficulty or help.
___Waiting for the school bus is easy.
___I can get into the school bus without any difficulty.
___I need my parents to drive me or I take special transportation provided by the school.

Activities in School
___I may need help dressing or undressing at school.
___I can go up and down stairs quickly at school without any difficulty.
___I can use the elevator at school by myself without any difficulty.
___I need to get up and walk around in the classroom because of stiffness or pain.
___I can carry my own lunch tray.
___I can open my own milk carton.
___I need to take pain medication at school.
___I get embarrassed when I have to go to the school nurse.
___I can use the bathroom by myself at school without any difficulty.
___I find it easy to carry my own books to and from school.
___I can write at school without any pain or stiffness.
___I find it difficult to write quickly.
___I need more time than other kids to take exams or complete homework because of my MHE.
___I find it hard to hold my pen or pencil.
___I find it hard to write on the chalkboard.
___I find it hard to use scissors to cut.
___It is hard to raise my hand in class because of my MHE.
___I find coloring difficult.
___I find painting difficult.
___I get so tired at school, I want to rest.
___I'm afraid some of the other kids will knock me over.
___I get frustrated because I can't always keep up with the other kids.
___I find it difficult relating to the other kids at school.
___I would like the other kids in my classroom to know I have MHE as long as they don't treat me differently.
___I find it difficult putting on or taking off my gym clothes.
___I am embarrassed to get undressed for gym in front of other kids because of my scars or because I don't want them to see my bumpy bones.
___I find it hard participating in regular gym activities.
___Playing outside in cold is difficult for me.

I Find It Difficult To:
___run   ___jump   ___hop   ___skip   ___bend   ___climb   ___pull   ___hang   ___push

___kick   ___throw   ___tumble   ___wrestle   ___play soccer   ___play basketball

___play volleyball   ___play contact sports   ___other:____________________________________

After School Activities:
___I need to take a nap or rest period when I get home from school.
___I can finish all my homework every night without difficulty.
___I can participate in after-school activities without difficulty.
___I cannot get through the school day and must go home early.

This form has been adapted for use by families of children with MHE.

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