I Wish
by Theresa, Age 14

There isn't a day that would pass by
when I wish I could fly free forever
I wish I could go out and see the world
I wish I could make my own mistakes
and discover them
I wish I could see the world for what it really
is and not what everyone wants it to be
I wish I could fly free like a butterfly
and smell the roses
I wish I could fall in love and not worry
about who is going to be the next boy to
break my heart.
But most of all I wish everyone could see me
for who I am and not what I look to be.


Do they know the real me?
Do they understand me?
Or do they think they know
me because of what they
see on the outside?
Do they know that in my heart
I cry out for help?
They must not for
I hear no answers.
Do they know that MHE
is part of me?
Maybe they should know.
Maybe they should know
that MHE is me.
Because MHE is me.
It's part of me and
I could not imagine life
without it.
I'm proud of me.
The MHE me.

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