My name is Bobby.  I am 8 years old.  My doctors told me I had Multiple Hereditary Exostoses (MHE) when I was 3, after my mom found a bump behind my knee.  Since then I have had one surgery to remove 3 bumps on my wrist.  I was 5 and in kindergarten.  I had a cast on my arm for 3 weeks.  Then I went to physical therapy.  I go to physical therapy once a week to help me maintain and improve my upper body strength. We do fun things, like wheelbarrow races, push-ups, arm bike, velcro board, and my favorite thing - throwing a weighted ball onto an almost upright mini-tramp.  It's fun!

In total I have had 2 surgeries.  The first was when I was 7 months old for a hernia repair. Altogether I have had 106 stitches, including 6 stitches that I got when I fell off a hammock!

Lately it seems that MHE causes some trouble for me. I have a lot of trouble writing, I cannot sit cross-legged on the floor, I cannot straighten my left arm, so I can't get myself into a 4-point stance for football.  I cannot hold onto monkey bars, or do gymnastics. Lately, my knee hurts me when I run, even for a short distance.  But I like to play baseball, football and basketball.  My Dad coaches my brother and me in baseball and football. This past spring, our baseball team, THE HAWKS, made it to the championship game.  I just started pre-clinic football and I love it!

I also love to play on my computer, especially NBA LIVE and TRIPLE PLAY 99 and Backyard Baseball.  I collect Pokemon cards and Starting Line-ups miniature sports figures.

I have one brother, Danny, age 11.  He is going to the middle school. I like him because he is funny and makes me laugh. I have a sister, Alyssa, age 4.  She can be fun - but sometimes she is a little crazy. I have a cat named Cody and I hope we get another one so that Cody can have a friend.

One thing that bothers me about my bumpy bones is that nobody I know has them. But now my mom told me about other kids and grownups that have it and I can write or talk to them. I don't like to be different. I get embarrassed about being different. I read some of the stories and I feel better knowing that other people have MHE. I wish they lived close to me.

I like to go to school to see my friends - but there is a lot of work. We always have homework. Math is my favorite subject. Some things in gym are hard for me to do. Like push-ups and pull-ups, but nobody teases me about that.

Sometimes my friends ask me about my scars on my arms from my surgery. I just tell them that I had a bump on my bone removed. I haven't told anyone about my bumps, but if they ask me I will tell them.  So far, no one has teased me about my bones.


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