The following poem was written and sent to us by Joan Fleitas R.N., Ed.D., Fairfield University.  Joan is the creator of the
Band-Aides & Blackboards site (see our
Links Page) and Joan is also the person who thought up the name "Bumpy Bone Club"!.

"I had the urge to write a poem about MHE.  I humbly acknowledge that I don't have it, so I just pretended that it was a part of my life. Hope that you like it!  Joan"


They're bumpy, they're lumpy,
At times I feel frumpy,
With bones that behave as if I'm not in charge

Some people have bones that are not so unruly
But *my* bones allow little bumps to get large.

Now why would the bones misbehave in my body?
It's not as if any of them are on loan.

I talk to them sweetly, I dress them, I feed them,
I sit on them, dance with them, make them at home.

But bumpy they are, and bumpy they'll be
Whether I the bone owner complain or agree.

So here's what I have decided to do
Given facts as they are, bumpy bones through and through.

I'll love them and treat them with patience and pride
They're my bones after all, they support my insides.

They prop everything up, and that's quite a job,
Why without them I'd look like a jello-y glob.

I'll explain them to people who don't understand.
And discuss them with people who know them first-hand.

I'll get rid of the bumps when they get in the way
And leave them alone when they don't stop my play.

They're bumpy, they're lumpy, I know you'll agree
But bones, after all, are just one part of me

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