Paula's Story

My name is Paula.   I am an MHE patient and I have an 8-year-old son, CJ, who also has this condition.   I was diagnosed when I was four years old.  When I was in school, I was quite the target.  I was very small (I only weigh 97 pounds now after having two kids and being 28 years old!), and I had a lot of scars (I've had nine surgeries)!  My heart just aches, sympathizing with all you kids dealing with any differences. I used to lie about my scars, too.  I'd tell people I was in a car accident. It just seemed easier and less questions at the time.  I, too, wore clothes that covered my scars.  I had really bad scars on my right wrist because of several surgical procedures and the way I healed. My scars bothered me so much that my mom promised me plastic surgery for my 18th birthday, to make the scars less noticeable.  However, I was pregnant and couldn't have any surgery then.  After my son was born I decided not to have the plastic surgery after all! I decided that I was going to be proud of my scars - they were part of what made me who I am.  They showed how strong I was. They showed so much more than just scarred skin ... to me.  When I read about kids covering up and being ashamed, it brought back all my own insecurities at that time.

Kids - be proud of yourselves...scars, bumpy bones, and all!  You have so much to be proud of.  You live with things that a lot of people couldn't handle .. and you do it with dignity and compassion!

If I can help even one other person feel better about MHE, then maybe there is some reason behind being born with this!

I'd love to hear from you...

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